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The macula is the central portion of the retina that is responsible for sharp vision. Hole formation can lead to distortion and central blurring of vision. It is important to have the surgery early by an experienced retina surgeon as any delay can reduce the chance of a successful outcome. The surgical technique employed depends on the size and configuration of the macula hole. A gas bubble is injected in the eye at the end of surgery to seal the hole and promote closure.


The vitreous gel is removed and the membrane is stained with a blue dye to enhance visualisation. A steady hand is required to carefully peel the internal limiting membrane (ILM) off the surface of the retina taking care not to damage the underlying tissue. Depending on the size and chronicity of the macula hole, an ILM flap, or even retina graft may be required. Gas or silicone oil is injected in the eye at the end of surgery.

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